What makes Friday the best of all days?

The beginning of a week demands hard work and brings with it a lot of challenges. Friday marks the end of a week and welcomes peace for many.

This is what Friday means for students and workers who are anxiously waiting for weekends:

  • Friday means happiness:

It brings along energy and rose coloured beautiful feeling of peace. It makes everyone relieved making them free from tensions for two days.

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  • It brings hope:

When a week starts, students are hopeful and enthusiastic to have a happy weekend. They start seeing their calendars, marking the big day. There are no more fierce lectures, boring classes but sadly they have piled up assignments which are expected to be completed in weekends.

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  • It brings family time:

After a tiring week full of hectic routine and overloaded craziness, Friday finally kicks in to ensure quality time with a family. You have yummy food, a good amount of laughter and try to forget all bad things that happened during the week.

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  • Everyone is happy and in party mode:

Friday calls out for friends’ hangouts, movie plans and it naturally brings a smile on every worn out face. You never miss out a chance to make yourself a good cup of chai or coffee with a warm sensation that this day offers.

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  • It’s time to relax:

It is time to chill out, to get rid of all stress and mess that had made people go mad over the week. You don’t need to set an early morning alarm or drag yourself out of bed. You can stay there, smiling and thinking ‘finally, life is good’

Other days, it goes like…

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So basically it is just the most beautiful day which brings so much excitement with it. Everyone makes a number of plans for weekends and love Friday for all right reasons.