Make-up on Men: Fab or Drab?

Make-up on Men a 'seasonal' trend or here to stay?

Traditionally, girls are the one’s associated with makeup but in the past decade, there has been a rise of male makeup artists who have encouraged boys to also openly express their love for the art.

This raises the vita question of where most of this criticism stems from, does this create confusion in society regarding roles associated with gender?

Despite their talent, many people use this to ridicule them on their 'manhood' or by calling them a disappointment.

Some people argue that whoever wears makeup, may it be a boy or a girl, its their own choice and free will; if they have a passion for makeup, they have all the right to pursue it and maybe make a living out of this hobbie such as James Charles, jeffree star, Patrick Starr, et cetera who are very well known for making their career in makeup despite very traditional mindset parents.

This idea of choice is certainly spreading in some aspects in many cultures across the globe but, as many may wonder, how all this begin?

The most famous example from the 70’s were a band named KISS who started to paint their faces to go with their rockstar image. This was later on followed by Jean Paul Gaultier who started a makeup line for men in the Eighties. Since then, the boys who have changed gender stereotypes into being more accepting of their talent were Patrick starrr, Manny mua and bretman rock, who along with much hate, are praised the most for their talent. To this extent that now young girls often watch their makeup and/or skin care tutorials to learn the latest trends.

Moreover, they are now also known as the go to makeup artists and have started businesses out of this once so called ‘hobby’.

They are the next move towards a more gender-neutral society as they are seen all over social media, wearing clothes traditionally associated with girls.

The Industry has since progressed as Cover Girl announced 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles as its first male face.

A new trend which hasn’t gained much popularity yet is natural makeup looks for men.