Madhuri Gupta, Ex-Indian Diplomat and a Spy, Convicted of Passing Information

By Maryam Iraj

New Delhi court, on Friday, has given Indian diplomat, Madhuri Gupta, a 3 years sentence for providing information to the secret agencies of Pakistan. According to the Indian media, Madhuri Gupta, was sentenced under the charge of supplying information to ISI. Madhuri Gupta was posted in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad as the second secretary.

Additional Sessions Judge Sidharth Sharma held Gupta guilty under sections of the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Gupta, 61-year-old, was arrested in 2010 for allegedly informing the Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) in 2010. The alleged diplomat was charged under the Indian Embassy Act and initially served 21 months in prison of Tihar jail.

Her lawyer, Jodinder Dhiaiya, told that Madhuri will be appealing to the High Court against the charges. He said that she had already been under custody without being proven guilty by Indian courts, and its a serious miscarriage of justice.

According to the media, Madhuri Gupta, who had allegedly provided information to the Pakistani secret agency from 2009 of 2010, was first traced through her emails.

In response, Madhuri Gupta declared all allegations as false and told that she was invited to the Indian High Commission and the Ministry of External Affairs Authorities, but they have leveled false charges by indicting personal anguish.

The court acquitted her of the stringent section 3(1) (Part-I) of the Official Secrets Act which attracts a maximum punishment of 14 years. The court further observed that Gupta’s action could have been useful to the Pakistan “which were strategically very important for the foreign policy of the country and its secrecy was of utmost importance”.

Apart from this, Madhuri Gupta told that all such allegations of treason are unconstitutional as they bear no substantial ground. However, the Indian court ruled the verdict declaring  that Madhuri’s conduct compromised India’s reputation. According to the petitioner, the information provided by Madhuri Gupta could be used against personal interests of Indian state. Therefore, those involved in any such activity must be punished. According to the police, prior to Madhuri Gupta’s arrest, she was monitored for six months.