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Maavia Malik: Pakistan’s First Transgender Newscaster

By Maryam Iraj

We are so proud of our first transgender anchorperson, Maavia Malik, who despite all the hurdles and set backs made it to the screen. Maavia Malik is a bachelor degree holder and has already applied for a master’s program in arts.

Marvia Malik

In Pakistan, an Islamic republic, transgenders are forced to dance, prostitute or beg as they are offered no other means to make ends meet, in compliance with the socio-religious modesty it boasts off.  Their painful journey begins from the time of their birth when they are rejected by their families, then friends, and finally by society at large. Usually, we see them at road signals begging, if they get lucky, some “good guy” or a closet gay, bi-sexual or homosexual, would pick them up for sex and that too at a very low price.

Amidst such debilitating situations, if Malik mends her way to success with dignity, she deserve our applause for her perseverance and commitment to live a decent life against the taboos of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

According to a study, many transgenders are forced to become sex-workers despite having master’s degrees because they don’t have jobs. Malik told to a national daily, “This is why I want to push for a law to enable a transgender, if disowned, to make a living out of the share in property.”

We are receiving overwhelming responses from social media as well:

It is time that we have inheritance laws in favour of transgender kids so that parents think million times before disowning their trans-children.

In case of Malik, she was not supported by her family beyond her matriculation. She self-financed her intermediate and B.A. academic expenses by working many minor jobs. But she never compromised on her self-esteem.

Malik is a new modeling sensation in Pakistan and has already walked the ramp.

With her sultry looks and lean figure, she made headlines by walking the runway at the PFDC fashion week in Lahore in early March.

In an interview to a national daily, according to Malik, “I have received several modelling-offers that I’m considering, but I want to do something for my community that I feel is way behind. So I want to strengthen my people,” she said. “Everywhere we go, a transgender person is looked down upon. But there’s nothing we can’t do; we’re educated, have degrees, but no opportunities, no encouragement. This is what I want to change. Just as I created history in the fashion industry, I want to do the same in the media industry.”

Malik at PFDC

We, at Baaghi, appreciate those as well, who against all odds managed to hire her on merit.

More power to humanity, more power to Maavia Malik for being herself. She is our Baaghi woman, who opted to live a life of dignity.