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Lyari gang goon arrested in Quetta

It is reported that Lyari gangster is detained in Quetta and is reported to be the important member of Baba Ladla group.

It is also reported goon has been handed over to the police today. The convict Rashid alias Chachi was persistent part of the Baba Ladla group. According to the Police source he was in the wanted list. He was also involve in the criminal activities like extortion as well. In the other incident a prominent political party worker Fahad alias Budha was caught. Police conducted search operations at Saddar and Preedy area where dozens suspects were taken in the custody.

Where some of the other incident today, at least thirty five suspects were held amid search operation in several areas of Islamabad in the early dawn.

According to details, thirty five people were arrested in search operation from Iqbal Town, Moon Market, while 10 suspects were arrested for violating Rent Act during search operation near Multan Road area of Sabzazar.

As per to city police five cases are being registered at Sabzazar police station under Rent Act.

During the joint operation by Operation and Investigation police credentials of the renters were minutely checked and biometric device was used to verify their particulars.