Low morale of Indian forces leave top brass worried

Indian Army is facing serious issues regarding their facilities and soldiers have to suffer badly under these circumstances.

According to the general public of India, being part of Indian Army is totally useless and people should avoid making minds of their children to get themselves recruited in the army. Politicians should send their children in the military and feel the pain of a lay man which he has to suffer while being in the Indian Army.

At least 28,000 positions of officers are lying vacant in the Indian Army. No one wants to join the Indian Army as it is facing some serious issues. Their top commanders have told their government that their forces are not in a position to fight the Pakistanis let alone the Chinese.

Additionally, Indian Army is also facing a serious issue as more than 40 percent of its soldiers are suffering from mental diseases after prolonged exposure to war and oblivion lifestyles. They cannot mingle with the civilians and have no job security after retirement. A normal age of an officer is 40 years whilst a soldier is 29 years of retirement. Their pensions are not enough to bear the burden of the expenses of their growing children including their marriages, education and other essentials.

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