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London-based MQM annuls Farooq Sattar’s membership


London: The London-based Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), abolishing the basic membership of Farooq Sattar, has announced Nadeem Nusrat as permanent convener of MQM, it has been reported by the sources here on Sunday.

MQM members including Mustafa Aziz Abadi, Qasim Ali Raza, Wasea Jalil and Muhammad Ashfaq issued a notification regarding convener-ship of MQM, in which it has been claimed that Nadeem Nusrat is the only convener of MQM; moreover Farooq Sattar neither has any authority nor any managerial position in MQM and he is being removed from his parliamentary position as well.

Moreover, resignations from the parliamentarians of MQM have also been demanded and those who would not submit their resignations, would have to face social boycott, the MQM London secretariat announced today.

Moreover, notification reveals that MQM chief Altaf Husain has appointed Nadeem Nusrat as the permanent convener of MQM.

In a message yesterday, as the new convener, Nadeem Nusrat appealed the MQM members to not only seek an apology against their double-crossing the MQM chief Altaf Husain but also be a part of MQM London.

After this statement of Nadeem Nusrat, Farooq Sattar held a press conference in which he clearly stated that he and other workers of MQM have no connections with MQM London. The MQM is Pakistan-based party and all the decisions of the party would be carried out from Pakistan, Farooq Sattar claimed.