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Lockdown of capital a sign of disgrace, claims interior minister


Islamabad: Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, speaking to media persons here on Sunday, has said that lock down of Islamabad would be a sign of dishonour among the whole world.

“We are a nuclear-power state and being the interior minister, it’s my responsibility to protect the image and internal state of affairs of this country”, Chaudhary Nisar added.

He alleged that PTI authorities have tried to create a scene of war between the federal government and provincial government by making it a linguistic issue.

He added that Pakhtuns are very patriotic people and he appealed PTI’s chairman Imran Khan for not creating an environment of war between Punjabis and Pakhtuns.

Separately, giving his stance on Dawn leaks, Chaudhary Nisar said that public of Pakistan does not know that what is being said is right or wrong. Whoever wants to say something, he comes on media and media publishes his words without looking for its long term effects.

While talking on leaks by Dawn news, he said that claim of rift between Chief Minister Punjab and DG-ISI over non-state-actors in any meeting was an absolute lie.

He added that when Pervaiz Rasheed came to know that the news had been leaked to the media, he must have asked the journalist and Dawn management ‘don’t publish it’.

Interior minister went on to say that whoever had leaked the story to Dawn news, must be brought to public notice.

He informed the media that Imran Khan, in 2014, had made a solid commitment with him that his followers would not go to Red Zone but all of media recognize it what had happened later.

“It’s my obligation to make sure that state’s schools, colleges, roads and courts are open and working and therefore we would not allow any group to make assault on our federal capital”, the minister asserted.

He maintained that in 2014, the PTI workers were just protesting but this time, a message has been given that they would lock down Islamabad and their plan is to enter Pakistan Secretariat and close it down.

He also vowed before the media that he would bring the secret plan of Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) of locking down Islamabad to media very soon. He also said that many things would become clear after the verdicts of Islamabad High Court (IHC) and Lahore High Court (LHC) tomorrow.