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Living near wind farms can cause your sleep loss


London: Living near wind farms can cause sleep loss, increase stress and anxiety levels, a latest study claimed.


The research was published this weak which said that an increased risk has been observed in the sleep, depression and anxiety.


Moreover, a clear link has been noticed between the amount of noise emitted by an energy site and irritation experienced by nearby residents.


But the prospect of a sleepless night was an indirect link caused by the frustration, drew out from having a loud wind farm in your locality.


The study recommends that unreasonable disturbance should be cracked down. Moreover, the measurements moved up the pressure on the governments over the globe.


Moreover, after the research was published, the people all over the world have complained to their governments about noise disturbance and appealed them to shut these farms down.


They are requesting noisy wind farms should be shut down unless they can be changed or they would need to be shut down permanently.