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LIVE Updates: People gathered in Islamabad to celebrate PTI’s founding day

At the 20th founding day of Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI), a massive public gathering is held in F-9 Park Islamabad to celebrate the day.

Female motorcyclist group reached PTI’s public gathering today. Watch out the footage:

A documentary was played on Imran Khan’s political life. The footage showed his political life from year 1986 to 1997 in first part. The later in the second part.

Salman Ahmed also performed on the stage.

Imran Khan addressed to the gathering, “When I went to play in UK for the first time, my seniors said to me: Imran Khan! We cant beat the Britians, Don’t think of defeating England rather think of losing with grace. I later won world cup.”

Kaptaan said: And then gradually I saw my team rising up to greatness.

He thanked the nation for the respect, “I am thankful to my nation for the respect it has given to me. I want you to listen to my story today.”

He recalled his past reputation, “Seeing my 92 WC speech, I feel ashamed. I was so bad at public speaking.”

He then told the reasons of standing against the corruption and injustice and making the political party, “I thought about what I would answer my God when he asks me what I did against injustice. I asked myself one day what would I say to Allah when He asked me what I did when poors were snatched bread in Pakistan? The third thing which was very agonizing was corruption in our country. That’s when I started fearing answering my God. Being blessed, what did I do for others? When the realization hit me, that’s when I started saying I must play my part.”

“When I will die I will not be ashamed in facing Allah. I fought against mafia for poors of Pakistan,” Imran Khan said.

“Allah blessed me with more than what I could even imagine,” said the PTI chaiman.

Khan said: I am not into politics I am into survival.

He gave the examples of Prophets standing against corruption, “Hazrat Musa (A.S) stood against Pharoah, Hazrat Isa (A.S) against Romans and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) against Quraish.”

Imran Khan, during the speech, warned men to stay out of women gathering’s side and then he said to Asad Umar, “Asad Umar must have selected a larger place.” Then he laughed out and said “just imagine the crowd when we will head to Raiwind.”

“Right after Riawind march, which I hope Mian Sb would decide to contitue a commission to properly investigate the matter [Panama leaks], will conduct PTI intra-party elections,” said the chairman adding, “I shall make this party an institute.”

He then recalled the 126-day sit in and the constituencies matter, “We asked Mian Sb to probe into only four out of 413 constituencies and what happened in those 4 constituencies? All of them depicted rigging. We went to parliament, tribunals, courts and then finally we hit the streets.”

“We were talking about accountability and Mian Sb paints a sorry picture of democracy being in danger.”

He also criticized metro and orange line train, “Metro passes over the roads on which homeless starving Pakistanis are suffering.”

“In my youth, I was glad to see Pakistan progressing but lately I am noticing the decline.”

He criticized on Nawaz Sharif’s lies, “Nawaz Sharif! Your family keeps giving contradictory statements, twice you came and lied on television. Sharif family already caught lying on multiple occasions yet many support them which is an irony. Instead of asking others accountability, 1st ask why contradictions in Nawaz Sharif’s kids statements? “

We want accountability. We want an independent commission with an international audit company.

“Mian Sb! You came on T.V. twice but you didn’t say the truth. You have to speak the truth now at any cost.”

Moreover, he said, “Answering us is the government’s duty. Instead they attacked SKMCH. You should be ashamed.”

“If Nawaz Sharif gets even a flu, he travels abroad. Here is a cancer hospital that treats poor patients for free,” said the captain.

He then said, “Pakistanis! Tell? Do you accept a commission under Nawaz Sharif to probe Nawaz Sharif?”

I looked at the life of our Prophet (PBUH). He was tested for 13 long years. It gave me hope!

Imran Khan talked about Soran Singh, PTI worker who recently was killed and tributed to him, “Soran Singh’s kids & wife wanted to go to India. But Soran Singh stayed back in Pakistan.”


Imran Khan announced to come Lahore next Sunday, “The Sunday after that we will be in Lahore, We will be at chairing cross and will announce my way forward.”

He also said, “Nawaz Sharif you have lost your moral authority. You can’t stay the prime minister of Pakistan anymore.”

Khan was also seen determined on his stance, “We will go to Raiwind, We will go to Raiwind, We will go to Raiwind, If demands of accountability not met,” he added, “We won’t start from Raiwind but if an independent commission is not made, We will be at Raiwind.”

Imran Khan laughs

“This nation donated 80 crores in one night when I needed one billion for SKMH in one month.”

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