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LIVE Updates: Imran Khan addresses to nation

Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is to address to nation as it is well known that e requested Pakistan Television (PTV) to provide platform to address to nation, however, the national TV rejected.

He then decided to address from his residence Bani Gala.

According to reports, Imran Khan is going to talk about Panama Leaks and the way government is behaving over the matter.

“If the struggle is not made at the moment, the country will be destructed,” said Imran Khan.

“Jihad is to stand against the injustice.”

PTI chairman stated, “If I am the head of Pakistan’s second largest party, then it is my right to address to nation.”

“Umpire has raised his finger through Panama leaks and Allah is the umpire,” said the Imran khan.

Khan said, “It is the most shameful fact that PTV stood against Shaukat Khanum. They lied to people that investment has been wasted. However, the investment has come back and they can know it if they call the trust once.”

“When the name of Iceland’s PM’s wife came in Panama papers, his own party demanded the PM to leave the post,” and with a taunting smile he inquired the PML-N government,“instead of bringing the money here and spending on the nation, you criticized Shaukat Khanum.”

To hide their own corruption, they attacked a welfare trust like Shaukat Khanum, stated Imran Khan.

Imran Khan said, “Another victim of Panama leaks, the Prime minister of Ukraine has also resigned.”

“Mian Sb! Evidences have been declared,” Khan said.

“The one whose name was there in money laundering has been made head of state bank and moreover, Ishaq Dar, who confessed about money laundering is the finance minister of Pakistan,” Imran Khan said.

Imran Khan also highlighted the matter of David Cameron: David Cameron was not PM when his father had set up his business but still he is being criticized for what his father did although he had not used the nation’s money in that.

“Investments are still not coming to Pakistan although Nawaz Sharif has spent billion on his international tours.” Khan claimed.

The cable has stopped working in different areas of Rawalpindi. It is definitely over the orders of government to not to show Khan’s address.

Iman Khan asked sarcastically, “Does Sharif family have formula convert copper into gold?”

“Mian Sb! You have no more ethical reason to remain PM,” Imran Khan said.

Moreover, he also highlighted that who will bring Zardari’s money to Pakistan when the government itself has money abroad.

Imran Khan stated, “We are that unfortunate country where children die in Thar, women die in childbirth, innocent poor people are in jail.”

Imran Khan also told that “We will conduct the sit-in in front of the palaces of Raiwind and I would not only gather Ptians but all Pakistanis.”

He also urged the judicial system to think about the country now and not about their posts.

He also said that the 20th anniversary of PTI would be celebrated warmly in Islamabad and will give time to the government till then and see their performance.

He also inquired from PML-N follower if they have to answer to Allah or else Sharif family.

“It is you responsibility to save you country, rights and to fight against the cruel government,” he addressed to the nation.

“Will tell the next plan on 24th April,” Khan said.

Imran Khan promised to stand with the nation, “I promise to nation that I would not step back now.”


All TV channels are showing Khan’s address except PTV.

Before the address, Imran Khan doing paper work:

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