Live Updates: EMPRA Elections – 10 January, 2015

9:15 pm: According to unofficial and unconfirmed results, Progressive panel’s candidate for presidential seat is on lead.

6:35 pm: The presidential candidate for Progressive panel of EMPRA, Rao Awais is on lead with 313 votes up till now. The total number number of votes casted is 580.

6:27 pm: Counting started.

3:47: This producer from Lahore sets a whole new bar for voters. Fresh severe injuries are seen but he came to cast his vote in favor of the Progressive panel.

Injured but did not waste vote
Injured but did not waste vote

First calculated Prediction of Results

2:56: First calculated elections predictions for EMPRA elections by Baaghi TV researchers has just been brought in. Except for three channels Progressive panel is going to take the majority from producers and will win the elections.

2:39 pm: Right now at polling station at Al Hamra the battle for production panel continues

2:26 pm: 

The two contesting panels have set up camps where their supporters/voters have gathered
The two contesting panels have set up camps where their supporters/voters have gathered

2 pm: Anchor Mubasher Lucman reaches election venue to show his support for his show’s producer Rao Awais who is contesting for presidential seat from the Progressive Panel.

1:00 PM: Rules and regulations for EMPRA’s first general elections.

rules and regulations empra

11:30 AM: Baaghi TV’s Asif Ali Pota also spotted at the polling station.

asif ali pota

10:50 AM: Khara Sach‘s Naveed Sheikh casted his vote.

Kharra Sach's Naveed Sheikh casts vist vote


10:48 AM: The candidate of Progressive panel, Rao Awais casts his vote.

10:30 AM: 

10:00 AM: Polling has been started.

The Electronic Media Prodcuers Rights’ Association is conducting its first elections today for which, a total of 15 candidates are contesting in the elections.

In electronic media, no doubt a program or a show is known for its anchor and show, however, the main role is actually played by the people behind cameras. From collecting the information to manage the source, a producer has a huge burden on himself.

There are 584 producers in Lahore and EMPRA united them all at one platform. Only these 584 producers can vote to select their representative.

The organisation was made by big names of industry however, then it was distributed in to two panels:

  • Progressive Panel from where Rao Awais is contesting the elections
    Progressive panel
  • Producers Panel from where Aftab Choudhry is a contestant. The contestant of Producers panel is backed by the anchor of program Takrar on Express News, Imran Khan.The progressive panel is highly enthusiastic for the elections and is seen undergoing campaigns. Rao Awais, who is the producer of Pakistan’s famous program Khara Such hosted by a big name in investigative journalism, Mubasher Lucman, is supported by a number of big names.

Progressive panel visited Pakistan Television (PTV) and so President PTV Employees Union has announced his Support for EMPRA Progressive Panel. The panel also visited Dunya TV and gained a positive response from there.

The Progressive Panel Election Campaign Office was also opened and the ceremony was also held for the inauguration.

Earlier, Progressive Panel was assured support by:

  • ATV/APlus
    Kamran Mirza
    Kashif Shahzad
    AHMED ali Hashmi
    Naeen ul Hassan
  • Channel 24
    Ali Kamzi
    Adnan Rana
    Nadeem Raza
    Tariq Khan
    Ali NK
  • Royal TV
    Atif Ali
  • Neo TV
    Muhmmad Rashid
    Makhdoom Athar
    Zaka Ullah Jutt
  • Dunya TV
    Umar Malik
  • Din TV
  • Khara Such
    Naveed Sheikh
  • Express News
    Kashif chaudhry
    Jabbar chaudhry
  • Samaa TV
  • Ab Tak
    Rizwan Jalal
  • ARY TV
    Husnain Nafay
  • C42
  • Geo TV
    Nadeem Naseem
  • Channel 92
    Kazi Awais
  • Baaghi TV
    Asif Ali Pota
  • Waqt News