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Foundations Under Rs.1000/- Only

Throughout history, makeup has been a key part in a woman’s life. While some may consider them luxuries, others consider them necessities. Some people use them for the love of it, fun or otherwise.
But now, considering the inflating prices of good quality makeup, how is one supposed to buy such important items? Well look no further! We have compiled a list of affordable foundations under just Rs.1000!
Our top picks are as follows:
1. Christine Professional Paint Stick Base
Does your skin feel not too oily and not too dry at the same time? Well good news, this foundation is for you! It is available in 16 different shades that you can choose from.
2. DMGM Even Complexion Foundation
Do you have oily skin but want to use a liquid foundation and want it to be matte with good coverage? You just found the right budget-friendly foundation for you! Available in six shades.
3.  Rivaj UK Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation
Are you someone who envies their favourite celebs for their perfect coverage foundation? Well wait no more! This is the right foundation for you.
4. Christine Oil Free Pan Cake Base
This one’s for all the girls with oily skin looking for an easy-on-the-pocket foundation.
5. Sweet Touch Stay On Mineral Foundation
Do you have a hard time finding the right foundation for your sensitive skin? This Mineral Foundation is composed of natural, earth-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients which will not harm your skin in anyway. That’s not it, it is also super easy to apply and very affordable.
6. Rivaj UK Lasting Finish Foundation
Are you on the look out for a foundation that lasts for up to 6 hours? Look no more! This is the perfect match for you.
7. Dazz Matazz Timeless Beauty Lasting Cover Foundation
This is a good quality budget-friendly foundation that lasts long without any touch ups. How good is that?
8. Rivaj UK Mineral Foundation Stick
Girls with a combination (oily+dry)  skin, this foundation is for you! But be sure to use a damp beauty blender to blend it in your skin.
9. Bourjois Foundation
Are you struggling with your dry skin and are tired of using foundations that feel too heavy on your skin? Bourjois Foundation is an excellent match for you. Light weight and hydrating, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this easy-on-your-wallet foundation.
 10. Rimmel London Foundation
 Rimmel London is well-reputed all over the world for its good quality products that don’t cost you a fortune. Need I say more?
But girls don’t forget to dampen your beauty blender before blending the (liquid and stick) foundations!
And stay tuned for our upcoming affordable makeup series!