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The song was sung to raise awareness of the thousands of children who suffer from the deadly disease of cancer and need treatment on time to make it through. It featured a new talent Aima Baig who is now a star in her own right and going places. Aima this year will be the main attraction in the new Coke Season too.

Fast forward, two years later down the line, Mubasher sings yet again and this time too for the same reason i.e. to raise awareness for the suffering children and hoping to raise enough funds to treat them. Only this time there is a new singer with him and her name is Zara Haider.

Why it took almost two years to come with another number though…

This is one question Mubasher answered for baaghi. “Well, to be honest, I never expected the great feedback of the first song and when that happened, it was scary and I thought I can’t ever do a better one than the first time so why to take chances. However, with the passage of time, I felt my apprehensions were far smaller than the plight of the children suffering from cancer so I took the plunge yet again.”

It should be mentioned that all the above-mentioned names volunteered for the project and it was not carried out for any monetary gain. Another platform where credit is due is the Government of Punjab. They allowed the song to be shot on government property free of cost for the purpose of charity.

Baaghi TV is proud to be associated and originator of the concept, Sing A Song—Save A Life and we feel all of us can be part of this great awareness program one way or the other.