Leatast Cultured “Cultural” Minister—Chohan

PTI must learn to get embarrassed at the hands of its ministers.

Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan is a Pakistani politician who is the current Provincial Minister of Punjab for information and culture.

He has a reputation for using foul language and is often seen abusing every now and then on media. But after he was appointed as the minister of culture and information, it was least expected of him.

In an attempt to get claps from his audiences, he used the most vulgar Punjabi expressions to express that our Punjabi Pakistani cinema posters are vulgar. How ironic!

He went on to the extent of singling out a Pakistan stage and film actress for her dances and explained that soon she would be performing Hajj (pilgrimage)and shall fast for 300 days instead of only 30 for Ramadan. That’s the kind of intellectual discourse PTI minister came up with.

As if that was not enough to embarrass PTI, he once again landed himself in hot waters owing to a highly well-deserved controversy. In a fresh abusive tirade,Fayaz-ul-Hasan Chohan lost his cool when older clips of him were played in a recent TV talk show in private news channel.

In a video, which has gone viral on social media, the minister is seen removing the microphone and walking off while abusing the TV channel staff in the worst possible manner.

In a recent gathering where he was invited as a chief guest in honor of Musician, Mujahid Hussain, he was seen passing highly controversial remarks about the film industry as alluded earlier in the article.

He was given the stage and asked to express his views on which he once again displayed his abusive vocabulary; his commentary took the worst turn when he started flaying Lollywood films.

At one point the minister broke the boundaries and advised people that they could watch porn films if they were so frustrated instead of watching local films and stage dramas.

This is so shameful to see that our so-called “cultural” minister is showing such a low class.

Under my supervision ‘I would have transformed Nargis to Haji Nargis, and actor Megha would have fasted for 300 days instead of 30 days” he added.

It is a sorry sight to see our newly elected lawmaker from Punjab using such derogatory terms for stage artists and other actors. Chohan, during his speech, talks about the ethical boundaries but sadly no one other than him seems to cross those.

Yes! we have voted them that is why they are the lawmakers now, but has anyone given them the right to do things contrary to the mannerism?

We claim “Naya Pakistan” but the sad reality is the mindset can never be changed, here everyone loves to gain cheap publicity. And for this fleeting cheap fame, they will say anything to any context.

One man can never bring revolution. If the players are not sincere, the captain can never succeed. Such people are capable enough to tarnish the struggle of two-decades of Khan, and they must not be allowed to do so.

If he is the dawn of betterment, his players are like the ones near the church but farther from the God.

To conclude, I would say it is heartbreaking to see that our cultural minister is swiping out the cultural values himself. We do hope that the leadership will take bold action against the minister and shall ask him to mend his ways.