Leading Black Celebrities and the Pathetic Mockery of Sanam Jung of Dark Skin in her Morning Show

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Justin Timberlake says ” Where is the love ? ” But Rihanna says, ” we found love.” That explains beauty is not related with the coulour whether it is black or white. Beyonce and  Rihana among many black singers are at the top of their game, but no one sees their colour before listening to their music on YouTube.

Here is the Beautiful Liar of Beyonce and Shakira:

Rihanna is also one of those singers who have 869,739,324 views on YouTube. Among many numerous hits, Rihana’s song Diamond topped the charts with millions of copies sold and 1,150,304,497  views on Youtube:

Here is another song of Rihana, Man Down,  with 557,885,586 views:

She also worked with the singer of Waka Waka song, Shakira.

It is not about black or white, its about beauty which lies in the eyes of beholder and to accept yourself as you are in essence. But in Pakistan, in a morning show that  ( to tell you the truth I do not watch morning shows quite often ) I read in a blog that in a morning show of Sanam Jung some models were told to darken their skins just to show black is beautiful. Yes ! I agree with the point that black is beautiful but it does not mean that you start darkening your face with black colour.

If, in real sense, Jaago Pakistan Jaago was preferring black beauty then those models should be on the ramp who have dark colour, it seemed like an irony on the stage while young girls were showing their milky arms and their dark painted faces.


In our colonized society where everyone prefers to have a ” Gori Bahu ” who will  bring them great fortune in the name of dowry, there colouring someone’s  face will not affect anything,  if one really wants to accept some changes in the society then first of all we all have to accept ourselves. A country where fairness creams are sold like nobody’s business, we need to be realistically effective to change the narrative. And the change won’t come with brainless morning shows.

A woman is strong everywhere, in every colour and with every nationality, If you want any example for my above mentioned statement then please google the name of Oprah Winfrey or watch the following videos:

She is one of the most powerful Afro-American celebrities.