Leaders of Indian Government should be tried for War Crimes against Kashmiris

Indian Forces Continue to Commit War Crimes in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

Subject:- Fit case for war crimes trial of the leaders of the Indian government and its forces commanders/troops for genocide of Kashmiri population living in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Office of the Prosecutor
International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM
The Hague
The Netherlands

Dear Sir,

We invite your kind attention towards war crimes being continuously committed and perpetrated by the Indian Army’s leadership and troops under command and orders of the top Indian civilian government leadership in the geographical area of Kashmir under occupation of the Indian forces.

This illegal and unlawful Indian occupation of Kashmir, for a period of over seven decades, is an internationally and UN recognised dispute, as per the security council resolutions, which called for allowing/giving the right of self determination to the Kashmiri population, which is being continuously denied by the Indian government, despite of the fact that the UN military observers are posted both in India and Pakistan. As such, the presence of UN military observers proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Kashmir is NOT and has never been an internal issue/matter of India and that it needs to be resolved as per the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

During the above mentioned period of over seven decades, the Kashmiri population has been waging (as allowed under the UN charter) relentless struggle for their right of self determination, paying heaviest price in the history of mankind, in the shape of deaths, injuries, rapes, blindness by attack of pellet guns, abductions, jails and worst imaginable torture perpetuated by the Indian security forces.

In this regard, we take this opportunity to bring to your notice the latest case of war crime committed by the Indian occupying forces in the Indian Held Kashmir, as reported by the daily “The Express Tribune” dated 15 September 2018 titled “‘Barbaric conduct’: Viral picture shows Indian soldiers dragging body in IoK

Moreover, for the detailed study of the reports of the highly reputed International Organisations, about the unparalleled Human Rights violations and unimaginable magnitude of genocide/manslaughter of Kashmiris, committed by the Indian forces, on the orders of their civilian leadership, is duly chronicled and can also be perused at the links given below:

1…Ban Ki-moon Kashmiris are not asking for the Moon : An Open Letter to Mr. Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the UNO..!

2…Stop genocide in Kashmir..!

In view of the foregoing, you as the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court are requested to immediately initiate necessary proceedings as per laws of the war crimes, against the responsible Indians on charges of worst possible human rights violations, in the history of the mankind; of the Kashmiris living under Indian occupation of their land.

Best Regards,

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad