Lead exposure a cause of obesity

According to a new research, contact to lead through the development phases and primary childhood is probable to upsurge the risk of obesity in adulthood.

The consequences of the research led on mice initiated that contact to lead during early development stages of life can change the gut microbiota — a complex communal of micro-organisms that live in the digestive tracts of animals.

Early life exposure to lead causes a long lasting impact on gut microbiome, and the change of gut microbiome may partially contribute to the increased body weight in adult life, said lead author Chuanwu Xi, associate professor at the University of Michigan in US.

Adult male mice exposed to lead throughout the gestation period and infancy stages were 11 percent larger than those not exposed.

Mice exposed to lead during early development stages showed differences in their gut microbiota and had fewer aerobes and more anaerobes in their gut.

In both males and females, evolving lead jammed the adult microbiome, the researchers upheld, tallying that the study only observed adult onset obesity in the males.