The laptop ban creates instability for airline profits

United States ban on electronics like laptops and tablets, any device bigger than mobile might create instability for airlines profits, especially the business classes of middle east airlines, according to the analysts.

US has decided to put ban on electronic devices bigger than mobile phones on direct flights to the United States from 10 airports in seven Middle Eastern countries and Turkey. Britain followed with a similar ban from five countries from the Middle East, northern Africa and Turkey.

According to an expert “It’s unusual to a have a security measure that is geographically selective and one of the probable knock-on effects is that certain travellers will turn to other companies” for their trips to the United States but “if the threat is there, it could be shifted to connecting flights,” he told AFP.

Experts say, not only that airlines will suffer the loss of passengers but airlines will also have to bear the costs of checking in and screening more luggage.

The US ban affects around 50 flights per day from nine airlines: Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Saudia, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways.

While the British ban affects 14 airlines: British Airways, EasyJet,, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air and Saudia.