Land dispute involving Askari 11 authorities leads to severe clash, firing and injuries

Lahore: Askari security guards and villagers clashed in a severe fight today in Askari 11 where construction of the Askari Housing project is still underway. 

Recently, Baaghi TV’s Urdu Editor, Mr. Pota broke the news regarding D.H.A land corruption which is being reported as the top story in all over the country. This is the second exclusive story of Baaghi TV, this time regarding Askari 11 Lahore.

ڈی ایچ اے سٹی میں کھربوں کی کرپشن پکڑی گئی

First D.H.A, now Askari?

Here are the details:

The fight between villagers and Askari Guards broke out in the morning at about 11 am in the community’s Sector B’s newly built apartment areas. It is reported that sewerage system was being laid by the Askari authorities on the land which is said to be still a ‘disputed land’ in the sense that an official transfer to Askari Housing has not been made yet. Villagers who claim the land to be theirs went to talk to Askari authorities to stop work and ask Askari officials to obtain the land first. Situation heated up and security guards opened fire on the villagers upon which the villagers got this announced in their village mosque.

From Google Earth Maps
Askari 11 Sector B and surrounding village land (From Google Earth Maps)

This was followed by all male villagers rushing to Askari 11 with any and every stick and brick they could find. They beat up (Retired) Colonel Shafaaq, Additional Director Services and Sayeed, a civilian employee working as a Land Officer of Army Housing. Both of them are suffering from critical injuries and are still in a hospital which’s name is not being revealed due to security reasons.

Any footage collected from the scene from eye witnesses was taken by security officials and destroyed. 

Col. Shafaaq’s car has also been destroyed by the villagers. Brigadier Rahim, Project Director was initially present when the fight broke but he was quickly made to leave the scene to escape being attacked.

Unconfirmed source has reported that there are thousands of people in the village which’s land is being obtained for constructing Army Housing’s Askari 11. The project of this housing community was started about three years ago and is partially completed, Sector is of which is completed, Sector C is called ‘Shuhada Town’ and houses over there are allotted to families of the Martyrs of Pakistan Army.

The sector being constructed right now, over which the land dispute broke out, is Sector B. It is partially constructed and currently construction of apartments is underway. Villagers say that the land had not been acquired from them and one possible reason for the confusion could be the undocumented and joint property owner ships in the two villages surrounding their areas. Despite their best efforts, Askari Housing has been unable to settle property issues. This is not the first time such a dispute has taken place and a minimum of 500 people were witness to it however, it is the first time this is being reported.

D.H.A City corruption case

Three days ago, Baaghi TV reported the corruption case of over 16 Arab rupees in D.H.A city. This case has been handed over to National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The accounts of the suspects involved in the corruption are also seized by authorities. Moreover, the names of the key suspect has been added in the Exit Control List (ECL). Moreover, about 10 Billion rupees was collected in advance without purchasing the land, the files were transferred and it led to a massive fraud in history.

After initial interrogation, Arshad Hamad was arrested however, later, involvement of the brother of former army chief, Kamran Kiani in this fraud was also reported. A probe was opened over Kamran Kiyani also. DG NAB Punjab assures that he would not come under any kind of pressure.


This is a developing story and we are collecting more information from sources. We will keep you updated with the latest happenings. See Baaghi, Be Baaghi only at .