Lahoris gone crazy for PSL; Rs. 500 tickets not available

Lahore: Tickets for the final of Pakistan Super League (PSL) sold like hotcake in Lahore and were not available in several Bank of Punjab (BoP) branches.

All available online tickets sold out within 24 hours, leaving long ques of enthusiasts outside bank branches.

According to the official of one branch of BoP, they were waiting for the second tranche because all tickets of Rs500 and Rs4000 denominations of the first tranche had been sold.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) started the sale of final match tickets on 1st March after it was decided by military and government officials to organize the final of PSL in Lahore.

Though several foreign players refused to play in Pakistan over security fears, it did not have any impact on the keenness of public. Rapid sale of tickets and long queues outside bank branches, since early morning, proves the popularity of the final PSL match.