Lady detained under Pakistan’s new cyber law

SIALKOT: A Pakistani women has detained by Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) on Saturday for blackmailing a resident of London.

According to the details, Sadia Mirza has became Pakistan’s first female detained under the new cyber law of Pakistan. The lady was blackmailing Ahsan Raza, a resident of London via social media.

There was complaint being registered by Hassan Raza, brother of Ahsan Raza, against Sadia Mirza for blackmailing her brother on social media. He alleged Sadia for sending blackmailing messages over the social networking website Facebook and demanding money to keep his secrets.

The First Information Report against Sadia had been registered, and she had allegations of “sending threatening, abusive, and lewd messages.”

The cases has been registered according to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 – clauses 20 (1) and 24(b)(c). The alleged lady had been detained by a team under the supervision of Inspector Humaira Kanwal.

Sadia Mirza was presented in the court, where police had taken her remand and she had been shifted to the women section of local police station.

The federal government had taken an initiative to control the social media activities in Pakistan and to ensure the online security of its citizens.

Salient features of the Cyber Bill:

• Up to three years custody, Rs1 million fine or both for illegal access to critical infrastructure information system or data

• The government may cooperate with any foreign government, foreign or international agency, organization or 24×7 network for investigation or proceedings relating to an offence or for collecting facts

• The government may forward any information to any foreign government, 24×7 network, foreign or international agency or organization any information obtained from its own investigation if the revelation assists their investigations

• Up to seven years, Rs10 million fine or both for intrusion with critical infrastructure information system or data with dishonest intention

• Up to seven years, Rs10 million fine or both for exaltation of an offence relating to terrorism, any person convicted of a crime relating to terrorism or banned individuals or groups. exaltation is explained as “depiction of any form of praise or celebration in a desirable manner”

• Up to six months custody, Rs50 thousand or both for producing, making, generating, adapting, exporting, supplying, offering to supply or importing a device for use in an offense

• Up to three years custody, Rs5 million fine or both for obtaining, selling, possessing, transmitting or using another person’s identity information without authorization

• If your identity information is used without authorization, you may apply to the authorities to secure, destroy or prevent transmission of your information.