Lack of “Pro EU March” coverage, BBC under fire

After not broadcasting of pro EU march on Sunday, BBC has come under fire.

The Unite for Europe march saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets of London to express their discontent over the Government’s handling of the referendum result as the country teeters on the bink of  of a so-called “hard Brexit”.

According to police the figure was around 100,000 people who attended the march, but several passionate protesters took to social media to complain the BBC was not giving the event due prominence in its bulletins.

“Absolute disgrace that BBC TV News gives just 5 seconds coverage to pro EU march by 50,000 people but gives extensive time to UKIP news,” tweeted by Former Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams.

Others agreed, with one user replying: “100,000 official by police, BBC think it was a bunch of naughty children having a day out.”

BBC suffered criticism by some because the headline focused on the minute’s silence for the victims of the London terror attack rather than the Brexit protest.

The initial headline read: “London attack: Victims remembered at anti-Brexit march” – which was later changed to “Thousands take to streets in anti-Brexit London march”.

Dozens of members of the group said they had complained to the BBC about what they claimed was a lack of coverage in the afternoon, when it was initially reported by BBC London before it later made the national news bulletins at 6pm and 10pm.

The BBC’s director general Tony Hall wrote in response to the accusation of anti-Brexit bias: “We go to great lengths to ensure that we balance our coverage and address all issues from a wide range of different perspectives. It is one of the reasons why the public trusts the BBC more than any other source of news.

“I agree with you that these are consequential times. For that reason, it is more important than ever that the BBC’s journalism is independent of political pressure.

“We will continue to listen respectfully and respond wherever appropriate. Above all, we will guard our independence, report the news diligently and impartially, and continue to fulfil our mission on behalf of all our audiences,” he added.