KSA executes 47 capital punishments including Shiite cleric and Sheikh Al-Nimr

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently executed about 47 capital punishments. These punishments also include the death sentence of prominent Shiite personality Nimr-al-Nimr.

According to Interior Ministry most of the executions were of the accused involved in chain of attacks carried out by Al Qaeda. These attacks were carried out between 2003 and 2006.

Reuters said that Iran had warned KSA for dire consequences if it executes Nimr.
Nimr was accused of planning and leading anti-government agitation along with six other people in between 2011-13 costing the lives of 20 people.

Today Saudi Govt has proven that they can’t lead Ummah! They break unity, Pakistan needs to come forward says Farhan khan virk.



Earlier this year, the Supreme Court refused an appeal against the death punishment of the Shiite cleric.

According to a human rights group, the KSA has executed about 158 death punishments in the year 2015 and this is the highest number in the history of KSA.

The research shows that the number if souble the number it was in the earlier year i.e. 2014 and that it is alarming situation that only in 1995 Gulf Kingdom executed 192 people and since then this number is the greatest, says Adam Coolge, Middle east researcher for Human Rights Watch.

In 2012, before Sheikh Nimr was arrested, he said that the people would never want rulers who do injustice and suppress the agitators.

On replying to a question on ruling of Saudi family, he said, “if there is no more injustice for the Shiites in the east, I may have driven a different opinion but not otherwise”.

Sheikh Al-Nimr did not deny the political charges against him during the trials in the court but he claimed that he never used weapons and spread violence, reported AP.

The mugshots of all executed were shown by the Saudi state TV after the announcement of final decisions of the court.

The image of Sheikh Al-Nimr was on 46 having a gray beard with covered head by traditional scarf of Saudi men; expressionless.