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KPK to ban dowry and other costly customs on wedding

Peshawar: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly has to ban dowry and other costly expenditures on wedding.

According to sources, the bill has been prepared and is to be presented in the provincial assembly today.

Ban will be imposed on the custom of dowry and whole wedding expenditures would have to be managed in Rs. 75,000. Neither money, nor furniture or any other item will be allowed to given in the name of dowry, but gifts could be given to brides.

It is stated in the bill that the bride and bridegroom could just receive present upto Rs. 1,000. Nothing would be allowed to be served to guests on “Barat” and “Nikah” ceremonies except drinks.

Only rice, gravy and a single sweet dish will be allowed to be served to guests on “Waleema.”

Those who will not follow the rule will be sent behind bars for two months and will also be fined Rs. 200,000.