KpK government not allowed to buy land for garbage disposal

PESHAWAR: The government of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa has been futile to buy land for a dumping site to technically discard 800 tonnes garbage which is gathered on a daily basis from KpK.

It is also stated that a sum of Rs174.28 million was allotted for the purpose in the Annual Development Programme for the fiscal year 2014-15.

As successive provincial governments have never bothered to arrange land for the proper dumping of the garbage, the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar has been throwing it in the area adjacent to provincial capital, having negative impacts on environment, they added.

According to the news in media, officials in WSSP and district administration blamed one another for the suspension in purchase of land in Maryamzai area.

The area is located on Kohat Road, and consequent institution of the dumping site there.

“All ponds of the non-functional water waste treatment plant established over 100-kanal more than two decades on Ring Road near Gulbahar area have been filled with the garbage,” said an official of WSSP said.

It was also stated that the junk of the city has gathered so much that thousands of crows gather there to search for food.

According to sources all the water based areas of the city have been filled with garbage within the past two years.

Now WSSP is using heavy machinery to press the dumped garbage and create space for more waste, they said.

My staff has also calculated average yearly rate of the identified land and sent the demand for the required amount to WSSP, he said.

According to an environmentalist, the growing garbage is dangerous to health, “WSSP has not been dumping the garbage rather it is throwing it because dumping means covering the garbage with mud and spraying insecticides on it to eliminate breading site of mosquitoes, which causes several diseases,” he added.

It has been also stated that a special plastic sheet will be laid on the ground earlier to dumping of the garbage to stop waste leakage otherwise it would contaminate the ground water after few years. “Unfortunately, such measures were not taken when garbage dumping was started near the city,” he added.