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KP police arrest couple for selling infant

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police have arrested a couple (parents) involved in the sale of their own newborn daughter in Peshawar, the sources revealed.

The sources said that according to the investigation, the couple sold their newborn baby girl for one lac rupees.

The police in some way managed to arrest the couple who later told that they already had five daughters and financial crisis forced them to sell their 6th daughter.

The police revealed that they arrested the couple during a raid related to abduction of babies from hospitals.
The sources went on to say that the parents of the baby girl would be presented before the court.

Separately, the police on Friday arrested a gang involved in kidnapping of newborn babies from hospitals by exchanging them with dead babies.

The gang later informed the police that the babies were being sold for Rs70,000 to Rs300,000, SSP Abbas Marwat told.

He exposed that female doctors, lady nurses and lady health workers were also involved in such heinous crime.