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KP CM to lead rally to Bani Gala tomorrow


Nowshehra: Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pervez Khattak has said on Sunday that he would personally lead the rally from Swabi to Bani Gala tomorrow.

Criticizing the federal government, Pervaiz Khattack said that he’d bump off all the barriers to the federal government and lead the rally himself, the sources reported.

He said as he was addressing a public meeting in Nowshehra. He said that the corrupt rulers had blocked all the roads to the federal government because their seats were shaking. He announced to lead the rally from Swabi to Islamabad on October 31 at 10am.

The KP CM added that Pakistan has been looted mercilessly. “We have to throw the rulers out of their offices”, he said. “This country was made for justice and prosperity. Do you like thieves?” he asked a charged crowd.

“There are ‘Gullu Butts’ within the government as well who use police for their own interests. “You can lockdown the province, you can lockdown the country, but if PTI Chairman Imran Khan does the same, it’s unconstitutional”, he said.

He concluded that PTI chief has every right to lockdown the federal capital and nobody has the guts to even damage a hair of him.

“We’ll reach Bani Gala by any means possible and at every cost. I will personally lead the rally. We’ll remove all the containers, and reach Bani Gala”, he said.