Kinnaird College celebrates the National Award won by ICPWE’s Maiden Publication

Lahore: Kinnaird College on Wednesday celebrated the achievement of the International Centre of Pakistani Writing in English (ICPWE).

“The Last Tea” by M. Athar Tahir won the highest National accolade for Literature in English, the Patras Bokhari Award, which was announced by the Pakistan Academy of Letters recently. The ICPWE and TanaBana Publications co-published the latest volume of poems by the celebrated author. The event was graced by academics, students and many people from the literary world.


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Dr. Rukhsana David, Principal of the College while welcoming the guests, high-lighted the factors that led to the founding of the Centre. Professor Nasreen Pasha Head of the English Department, Dr. Waseem Anwar of FCC University and Prof. Ayesha F. Barque of Punjab University spoke about the thriving field of literature, in which Pakistanis are making a name and the merits of the poetry in the award-winning volume.

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Mr. Eric Massey the Chief Guest dilated upon the great role literature and the arts can play to spread tolerance and enlightenment. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio, the Chairperson of the Pakistan Academy of Letters and a renowned Educator and Scholar highlighted the Academy’s commitment to acknowledge and honour the best writings in Pakistan’s many languages.

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The Last Tea by M. Athar Tahir is the first publication of the ICPWE which is the only forum in the world dedicated to the preservation, promotion and propagation of the work of Pakistani writers. This Centre collects unpublished manuscripts and draws national and international attention to them. For over hundred years, Kinnaird College has focused on refining the literary skills of many students. The ICPWE held an International Conference last year and provided the manuscript for the annual play of Kinnaird College 2015 titled Foothold from its rapidly growing archival collection.

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