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Sudden death of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan: By AWD News

King Abdullah of Jordan kills his wife in Rome: Facing with total public disgrace over a love affair involving Queen Rania, the funeral ceremony was conducted in complete secrecy

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 (Amman-Jordan) — A Royal Jordanian-Boeing 787 landed in Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airportort today morning, to take Queen Rania’s remains to Jordan .The sad news fuelled the increasing speculation that Queen Rania, a mother of four children, and his beleaguered husband, had indeed a precarious relationship.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fayez Tarawneh, the chief of Jordanian royal court made a long-awaited public statement, corroborating information regarding the sudden death of Jordan’s charming queen, though he did not give further details about the crisis facing the Arab nation’s royal family.

“I am sorry to inform you that due to yet unexpected reasons, Her Majesty the Queen was found dead at her Excelsior Hotel room 9:00 pm yesterday night . His Majesty expresses his sincere gratitude to the international  outpouring of grief and sorrow over the Queen’s death,” Moscow Times cited Mr. Tarawneh on Friday as saying, adding that before her death, the Queen did much to precipitate ending the long-troubled marriage by travelling to Rome without King’s permission.

According to many local observers the ominous news is considered widely as a harbinger of widening rifts within Jordan’s tormented social fabrics as the Arab nation of seven million is equally divided into native Jordanians and descendents of Palestinian refugees whom Queen Rania belonged

While Queen Rania showed herself as a typical glamorous Queen, showing more agreeable and democratic façade to her husband’s despotic regime, but the rumors in Jordan whisper that there was a secret side to Rania’s life, that is least publicized. One thing facts could confirm though, Rania was living a life on the fast lane that is very much Hollywood, and Hollywood indeed, with all that come with that in stark contrast to restricted norms in her country. Dr. Oday al- Shana’a, a London-based former Jordanian court official and ex-friend believes that Bono, the famous Irish singer and philanthropist seduced the innocent Queen.

Bono and Queen Rania of Jordan Spotted Out And About In New York last January
Bono and Queen Rania of Jordan Spotted Out And About In New York last January

His [ Bono] vicious allure is capable of ensnaring even a deity, but it is not the shattered state of the royal family which troubles me most, but the fate of Jordan’s dangerously heterogeneous and bipolar (Jordanian-Palestinian) society,” said Dr. al-Shana’a, warning that this calamitous incident would entail catastrophic consequences for Jordan as a nation.

“This pops a few question for us, how could an Arab Muslim Queen attend the most obscene parts of an Irish singer’s video production alone without the presence of her husband, we could have understood that if she was single, but even if she was the wife of the King of Sweden, it still is kind of bizarre thing. What coincidence that they were there at the same time? What was the Queen doing in a hotel alone without her husband, where this Bono was staying? Why wasn’t the visit announced in our media? And why in Rome during the holy month of Ramadan? She besmirched our traditions and values” said Ali, a Jordanian citizen who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

There are myriad of statements from various Jordanian personalities blaming King Abdullah as the one behind Rania’s sudden death.

Raed Khammash from the New Jordan Party, a leading opposition faction, said: “Everyone in Jordan knows that the late Queen and her husband were not loyal to each other. We wish we could report everything we know about the moral corruption in our country, and it will all come in due time, but I can assure you, Rania’s death is just the tip of the iceberg; she is Jordan’s Marie Antoinette with a red light agenda. We believe the King himself had ordered his secret agents in Rome to liquidate Queen Rania as the funeral was ceremony conducted in complete secrecy “.

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