Khurshid Shah wants 4-year tenure assemblies

Opposition leader in National Assembly Khurshid Shah has demanded reduction in the tenure of assemblies.

Talking to media outside the Parliament House on Saturday, he said, “We do not have much patience and we cannot bear the government for long period of time.”

The demand from the opposition leader in National Assembly has ignited a new discussion. He said the tenure of the assemblies should be of four years instead of five. “I have made the same demand in the year 2014.” He said the tenure of assemblies should be made four years in the constitutional amendments.

Reacting to this unique demand of Khurshid Shah, PML-N leader Mussadiq Malik has said that there is no point in discussing this sensitive issue. “I am not against the demand of reducing the tenure of assemblies to four years. There is a need to increase the political patience. The tenure of prime minister should also be reduced,” he demanded.