Khurshid Shah slams Haqqani, calls him ‘traitor’

Islamabad: Opposition leader in National Assembly and Pakistan Peoples Party’s stalwart Syed Khursheed Shah claimed former ambassador Hussain Haqqani a traitor.

Shah also alleged that former Pakistan ambassador to Washington was trying to gain the attention of Trump’s administration.

The statement came following former envoy’s article in Washington Post, which sparked controversy against him. He said he had facilitated US by providing operatives to CIA, the American secret service, in Pakistan.

Haqqani served as ambassador to United States in former PPP government and was also politically affiliated with PPP.

He said, his acts during PPP regime helped the US secret service to track al-Qaeeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad without the knowledge of Pakistan military.

“In November 2011, I was forced to resign as ambassador after Pakistan’s military-intelligence apparatus gained the upper hand in the country’s perennial power struggle. Among the security establishment’s grievances against me was the charge that I had faciliated the presence of large numbers of CIA operatives who helped track down bin Laden without the knowledge of Pakistan’s army — even though I had acted under the authorization of Pakistan’s elected civilian leaders,” Haqqani’s article reads, published in Washington Post.

Shah declared the statement of zero worth to be debated in parliament; he added, those who were born in Pakistan and then committed treason after going to US should not be given much importance.