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Khurshid Shah denies to accept any decision of the commission

Leader of opposition in national assembly, Khurshid Ahmed Shah said that they demanded government to write letter to supreme court in order to establish a commission however, it was also said that the ToRs will be mutually decided by government and opposition.

The opposition leader said that the first condition of the procedure would be the international forensic audit. If the government tried to present their own ToRs, they will reject the decision of writing letter to supreme court.

He also mentioned that they will not accept any decision of the commission if ToRs not taken from opposition. If government cooperates, Imran Khan or any other will not have to run campaigns.

The issue of Panama papers should be taken internationally and if government tried to restrict the action, we may have to chose any other way then, said the opposition leader.

However, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had been held accountable for three times but he was proved right every time.

He also mentioned that the commission will have the services of forensic auditor which would have the authority to inquire records offshore.

PervezRashid Kashmir day

He also criticized Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and mentioned that those who afford the expenses of Imran Khan’s politics, were those who made money from illegal means and avoided taxes.

He maintained, “Imran Khan demanded judicial commission for the inquiry of Panama leaks. Now, when we are ready to make, he is changing his stance.”

Moreover, he clairfied Nawaz by saying, “Not any of the documents across the world, has proved Nawaz Sharif over any wrong doing.”

He also replied to the comments of Aitezaz Ahsan on the government, saying, “If Nawaz Sharif was not honest, why he invited him to lead the country?”

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