Khashoggi Fiasco: Three Mafia Bosses at a Poker Game

Ref to Khashoggi fiasco by Saudis from Hamid Dabashi.

In film industry there is a term for the person in charge of making sure there is continuity and consistency in the film they are shooting, the fictional story they are telling — in such important details as wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup, the actions of the actors during a scene etc — this crucial function used to be called “continuity girl” — now they call it “continuity supervisor” or “script supervisor”.

The Saudis should have hired a script supervisor before they opened their mouth bullshitting what happened to Jamal Khashoggi— they went from flat denial to having Khashoggi start a fistfight with 15 cutthroat butchers the Saudis had sent to cut him to pieces.

The script has radically changed — Right now the Saudis are shooting a martial art movie with Kashoggi cast as Bruce Lee.

They know the world is not stupid but they know for a fact Kushner is in their pocket —“Jared Kushner is in my pocket” Mohammad bin Salman said months ago — it is payback time.

Khashoggi did not die at the Saudi consulate— he was killed.

Trump will try to sell this bullshit coverup by the Saudis the same way he did the FBI bogus report on Kavanaugh.

Watch for what Erdogan will do now — if he shuts the press leaks, he has been purchased handsomely by the Saudis — if he keeps the pressure high he wants to up the ante with them and with Trump— Turkish Lira is in shambles — three mafia bosses at a poker game: Trump, Erdogan, and Mohammad bin Salman— at stake is the survival of their respective regimes.