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Khalid Mqabool, New MQM Chief, Caught with an Indian Passport

By Anahita Zurvan

Following the removal of Farooq Sattar as convener of MQM by the Rabita Committee on Monday, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was appointed as the party chief.

According to the sources, the new MQM chief, Khalid Maqbool, possesses an Indian passport. According to a national daily, Indian passport was recovered from the former federal minister and the recently appointed MQM Chief, Maqbool, in Chicago. In 2002, he travelled from New Delhi to Chicago, USA on the same passport and was arrested on the same grounds; his arrest-details and relevant reports were handed over to the Pakistan embassy accordingly.

Maqbool’s passport and of many others from MQM were granted by the Indian Government on the pleading of MQM leaders to Indian leadership to support them in their activities. A delegation of three members, Tariq Mir, Dr. Khaliq Maqbool, and M. Anwar Khan, traveled to India to seek help and to let them know that Pakistan proved to be a failed state both politically and economically.

Tariq Mir, in a conversation with Zee News, claimed that Mohajir’s were given discriminatory treatment with ever-rising Talibanization and strong hold of Punjabis on government and in federation. During that trip to India, MQM leaders, addressed to seminars and gave talks on All India Radio as well to clarify the deplorable condition of “Urdu Speaking Mohajirs”.

This narrative; Mohajir and Sindhi Vs. Punjabi, is a victim card which MQM played for long; after 17 years, its leadership on both sides is still harping the same tune.

Indian funding, its support, and MQM’s traditional threats to the sovereignty of Pakistan is not new to anyone, but it is time to freshen up your memory with their background.

This oft-repeated mantra of a mal-treated immigrant is a rusted one. They are in need on inventing new ones to defame Pakistan.

The story is based on the article published by The Nation on 3rd October 2000.

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