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Kenya Sets on Fire the Massive Ivory Stock

Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenyan President has set fire to an enormous stockpile of ivory in an endeavor to reflect his country’s commitment to saving Africa’s elephants.

Over a hundred tons of ivory was stacked up in pyres in Nairobi park where it’s likely to burn for many days.

The ivory represents nearly the complete stock taken by Kenya, amounting to the tusks of around 6,700 elephants.

Some disagree with Kenya’s approach, saying that it’ll encourage poaching.

Before igniting the primary pyre, Mr. Kenyatta said: “The height of pile of ivory before United States marks the strength of our resolve.”

“No-one, & I repeat no-one, has any business in trading in ivory, for this trade means the death of our elephants & death of our natural heritage.”

The burning comes after the African leaders meeting held in Kenya urged an end to the illegal trade in ivory.

Experts have cautioned that the Africa’s elephants may well be extinct in decades.

However, some conservationists expressed opposition to ivory burn in Kenya, the largest in history.

Kenya Sets on Fire the Massive Ivory Stock
The stockpile burned includes seized ivory carvings and statues

They say that destroying most of a rare goods might increase its price & encourage more poaching instead of less.

Botswana that is home to around 1/2 of the Africa’s elephants is against the burn & its president didn’t attend the event in Nairobi.

Demand for ivory comes for the most part from Asia, with major trafficking route being through the Kenyan port of city.

Ivory is obtaining through because of people getting ready to pay for it. Stopping the men with arrows and also the corrupt officers is simply one a part of the answer – the other is destroying the hunger for ivory.

The love of ivory goes back millennia. Its pure, clear beauty and also the ease with which a tusk is sculpted into complex sculptures have given it an stable price throughout the ages.

Tackling the demand & destroying the market are each vital however there also are ways of creating elephants a lot of valuable alive than dead.

In parks & game reserves of Africa, close encounters with the most exceptional animals on the earth lie in wait – you only want time, patience & a decent eye.