Was Kate Spade’s life all about happiness and sunshine like her clothes?

By Abeer Saqib

It is sad to know that the 55-year-old renowned fashion designer, Kate Spade, was found dead in an apparent suicide case in her NYC home. Numerous tweets on twitter showed how the people were deeply troubled by this happening. This was because, surely, suicide itself is a very awful incident to occur, but what was more distressing was the fact that Kate Spade’s eponymous brand was popularly known for its qualities of happiness, sweetness and for its bright colors.

The actress Mindy Kaling took to her twitter to write: ‘You couldn’t walk into her boutiques and not smile.’

Over a decade ago, before spade along with her husband, Andy, sold her brand, they often claimed that the label was a perpetuation of Kate’s personality: all exuberance and comfort. Kate successfully projected this image throughout all her interviews and photos, where she came across as a lively 50’s fantasy whilst simultaneously being a sagacious, modern businesswoman.  However, the sudden glance into the darkness behind the veil of colors and sunshine, made everyone realize how difficult it would have been for Spade herself to handle and this realization was beyond horrific and heart wrenching.

Spade’s brand was exceptional, not only because the label was an aspiration, but also because it was far more economical for the larger public. It was comparatively more popular in the US than in the UK as it predicated the loom of an idealist Americana; the clothes were all dazzling, feminine and chic like in the 50’s but, with a modern twist to them. The original advertisements which boosted the brand to raise to its fame, depicted women doing routinely activities, such as taking the children to school etc, but always looking flawless. Therefore, she was successful in creating the filtered Instagram world 20 years even before Instagram was launched. Spade’s brand was not about pompousness rather, after entering her shops, one would feel utterly welcomed –and this is what further made her label extraordinary.

She would continuously depict happiness and joyousness, by being seen holding her husband’s hand and smiling generously in public, hence, she made us believe that the world knew her. Tough, on the contrary, no one actually knew what sorrowful realities she hid behind her happiness.

Famous personalities such as Lucy Hale; Lena Dunham; Ivanka Trump and many others took to twitter to express their feelings.

Reese Witherspoon said: ‘My heart and prayers go out to Kate Spade and her family. What a wonderful, talented woman who will be dearly missed.’

Since the news of this devastating incident, many women have also shared their stories online reminiscing about their first Kate Spade handbag. Kate Spade was an iconic personality who taught everyone that the perfect, happy life is pretty much dream-able and achievable. It was shocking to know that her life did not mirror the same happiness. However, an inspiring personality, such as Spade, will always remain a part of our lives and the cultural landscape of this generation.