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Kasur! A home ground for child molestation

Kasur with lots of kasur. A breeding place for the culprits, child sexual abuse. Not far from Lahore, a region which is in news not because of geographic importance but due to increase in sexual activities by the natives of the area. In 2015 a gang of 20 to 25 men had allegedly filmed up to 400 videos of child sexual abuse, involving at least 280 children of Hussain Khanwala village in Kasur. In one instance, the father of one of the victims was blackmailed into paying PKR 1.2 million to the abusers, who had threatened to release a video of his son being raped.

The aforementioned case was not new for the public but for the media it was a breaking story. But what happened after the news was broke in media ?

A long silence, a deviation from the story was laid. The law enforcing agencies gave a lollypop to the nation. The Provincial government brush the dust under the carpet.

Again Kasur gained the media attention. An 8 year old girl was abducted and then raped multiple times and then cold blooded murdered. what happened next? The “Khadim-E: Alla” better known as CM Punjab tweeted and gave a fashioned statement. The Chief Justice of Lahore high court took the notice and asked the concerned authorities to submit the report.

8 year old Zainab had gone missing five days prior to her body being found in a heap of garbage. As per details, the girl was abducted near her home when she was on her way to Quran class. An FIR was registered on January 4 by the victim’s uncle Muhammad Adnan as the girl’s parents were out of the country when she went missing. They are expected to return today evening. The FIR was registered at Sadar police station in Kasur. Her body was found on Tuesday night.

what will happen next ?

The answer to this question is already known to everyone. Report will be submitted and a formal inquiry will be launched, SHO will arrest some other people and will present them as main culprits. The case will be bury in the files of court and chapter will be closed.

When the first case of child sexual abuse was furnished in media, the government took the case as taken for granted and nothing happened even the court could not gave a direction which can bring end to this heinous crime.

Giving statements from politicians and by influential people will paint their personalities but the common people of Pakistan will keep on facing these acts. It is time for civil society to wakeup and stop sleeping because life of their children is in danger maybe a mind set like kasur is present near your home.