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Kangna-Hrithik scandal does not seem to be ending any time soon

The Kangana-Hrithik row has gotten horrid than the typical break up. In fact, it gets more convoluted as each party files complaint upon complaint on the other.

According to Indian Express, the most recent is that Kangana’s lawyer has supposed to the Mumbai police commissioner that Hrithik is socialising her “absolutely private and confidential” photos and correspondences to “non-concerned third parties”, thereby “wilfully enraging modesty and attributing unchastity to her”.

The lawyer also said that Hrithik had “unlawfully threatened” Ranaut with these actions in his notice to her, and asked the police to “avert cognizance of any such offence if the same has yet not been unashamedly committed”.

So Kangana has released a proclamation, issued on Miss Malini that demands on Hrithik to attest that she has disparaged him in order to get the public apology he pursues:

In a lawful matter only on record statements can be addressed not gossip. So here’s my closing word: If the other party who prosecuted me for insult and asked for a public apology can verify defamation, I assure to make an apology openly. I call upon the other party to respond to the lawful matter which they have begun and not turn this insult suit into a media trial and verdict.

She went on to openly call out Hrithik for his supposed extorting tactics:

If they are honestly pursuing an apology then they must help me comprehend their perception because blackmailing or threatening won’t work with me. Though my legal team is taking stern actions against blackmailing and threatening me, but as a girl it doesn’t frighten me.

You won’t get an apology by threatening me or flowing my love poetries, letters or pictures. I am not embarrassed of anything, not my past, not my relationships, not my body and most definitely not my desire. So slut-shaming won’t work either.

“If they need an apology then they have to come to the fact, beating about the bush won’t help, I and my team are keen to help as hurting feelings isn’t our intention.”