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Why Kamran Akmal Should not be Trolled

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

As I always say winning and losing is the part of game, but the thing which matters the most is the consistent struggle of players. This thing I have learnt from the code hero of Hemingway, the consistent fight we can see in Santiago’s character in The Old Man and the Sea, and in Robert Jordan’s character in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Very few we find in our real life who are the true example of the code hero of Earnest Hemingway.

Everyone has the fundamental right to make a mistake and mistake can be corrected by anyone and anytime. Having said that, this does not mean we start ignoring all the those struggles and facts  which made Kamran Akmal to reach the final of PSL, a single catch drop cannot make him zero from that hero who was appraised because of the high score before the match.

If we have a clear look on the catch, that was not easy to grab but we only saw the bounce of ball on the ground and we ignore the sprint of Kamran akmal, he made to catch the ball.

We just made fun on Social media of our own national star and this behavior we showed like if in a Rabi season our country faces 20% to 25% shortfall of water then we start degrading our own land, this would be disgrace. Our players are the chosen one and they represent our country, if we will not respect them then no one will.

Whole league was fun and a total win for Pakistan, It does not really matter who won or who lost the match. If fans of Peshawar Zalmi are hurt then they should please reconsider the performance of Kamran Akmal in the whole tournament. If I do not go so far, Kamran Akmal scored seventy seven runs against Karchi Kings in Lahore and before that he gripped the ball three times to show the batsman way to the pavilion.

On 16 March,2018 Akmal scored 107* score in Sharjah, against Lahore Qalandars, and this effoert can not be considered as less effort for his team. On 3 March,2018 smashed 57* sore again against Lahore Qalandars and in the same city. This is the consistency of a player, you can never judge a person and troll him on social media just by dropping one catch.

Muhammad Akram the head coah of Peshawar Zalmi refused all the preceptions about Kamran Akmal, he said ” “Team is not dependent on one player, all the 11 players have a role in it. Kamran’s contribution has been very important, he remained our key player. Obviously, an in-form batsman not scoring runs affected us but it’s a team game,”. His statement shows in every struggle of life, your contribution matters the most winning and losing is another thing.