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K-Electric pilots automated complaints management system

Karachi, August 25 (Online): In line with its commitment to further enhance consumers’ experience, K-Electric has implemented a state-of-the-art GIS (Geographic Information System) based complaints management system.

Currently in the pilot phase, the new system is capable of resolving consumer complaints much faster during power outages. The project marks another milestone achievement for K-Electric as it continuously strives to improve efficiency and customer experience.

KE consumers in the pilot areas will now experience quicker response and faster outage resolution. The newly installed system will enable identification of locations and further reduce the response time of consumer complaints.

According to KE spokesperson, “Integration of latest technology in power distribution helps improve efficiency to meet the ever growing consumer expectations. At K-Electric, we take pride in implementing modern technologies to further enhance our network operations and maintenance, strengthen fault identification and database management systems. We are hopeful that the pilot project will deliver the desired results, helping us to integrate its learning to the next phase.

Known for implementing consumer friendly technologies in power distribution, K-Electric has implemented several leading IT based services like – ‘Genesys’ – one of the leading customer experience platforms in the world; Centralized handling of complaints via web, social media and 29 IBCs; Complaints registration and closure alerts as well as bill payment via mobile platforms