"AINY SHAHID": translated as Eye Witness in English

Our Insiders at Box Office Insights, just found out that a new Pakistani blockbuster is secretly in the making and that too by the biggest names of the industry.

The movie that is titled as “Ainy Shahid” is all set to swipe the audience off their feet.

Written by the top screenwriter and humorist non other than Dr. Younis Butt, also known for his huge successes like Family Front and Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain. Adding on, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain director Fawad Wyne is also part of the team and is the director of the movie. As the cherry on the top, Mubasher Lucman is the producer of the movie.

With this amazing blend of a dream team, Ainy Shahid is all set to be a perfect blend of romance and outstanding comedy that will certainly unleash all the elements of Dr. Younis Butt’s humour.

This debut movie of Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt is going to be the most anticipated rom-com of the year.

Ainy Shahid shoot is due to start very soon.

It is further rumoured the movie is going to have megastar cast. However, the entire project is well guarded and is being a kept secret for now. But worry not! We will get more info and keep you updated.


*Originally published by the blog, Box Office Insights.