Just another girl like many more to come…

A seven-year-old girl named Zainab became a victim of sexual harassment in Kasur and was later on murdered. According to the sources she was kidnapped on 5th Jan 2018 while going to her tuition to study while her Parents were away for Umrah in Saudia Arabia. Meanwhile the innocent girl was living with her Aunt.

Her dead body was later found from a garbage heap near Shahbaz Road after four days confirmed by the police.The preliminary postmortem statement shows that the adolescent was first raped numerous times before she was strangled till death.

After the news was spread like fire on social media Lahore High Court took notice of this incident.The outbreak of the news ripped hearts of many parents who have to leave their children sometimes for other obligations to perform in life. The pictures of her dead body have been floating on all social media forums.

Even after the presence of strict laws on harassment in Pakistan. Many cases either go unreported or else claimed to be a matter of shame for the victim’s family. This is the right time to break the silence on child abuse or incidents like these will keep on increasing day by day as they are now.

The issue is not only that these cases are increasing but also nothing has been done to find the root cause of such cases and why up till now nothing has been done. How many more children will loose their life in hands of such monsters.

Is it the level of intolerance prevailing in our society? Or the rate of illiteracy among people? If not this, then probably due to the merciless mindset of people in the society. What else will it take to stop these heinous acts. How many more Zainabs will be thrown in trashes.

After the incidents protests broke out through out Kasur. Four protestors are reported to be injured by the policemen’s firing on mob protesting outside District commissioner’s office. Rana Sana Ullah is taken accountable for that.

Upon further investigation CCTV footage of the rapist was found out. Police is trying to trace out the culprit however investigation continues.

Some people claim that these acts are growing due to the pornographic material easily available now a days frustrating people’s mind. Even thou such cases are still common in those rural areas where internet is not accessible or any other media. What is it then? We need to educate our children about sexual abuse. We need to break the nutshell we are living in. All schools should introduce classes about good and bad touch for children who are not aware of these things.

We all need to play our part in this society so we can save our coming generation from such heinous crimes and children like Zainab don’t have to die just like this.