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Jugnu Mohsin (from Khabarnaak) and Geo TV not able to sort out their issues any longer

Baaghi Tv has learnt through extremely reliable sources that serious differences have erupted between Jugno Mohsin (the wife of najam Sethi) and GEO TV management.

Jugno, it is learnt, has previously played her cards in a manner by which she had been the host of the popular show Khabarnaak.

The previous show host was sent on forced maternity leave after jugno connived to get the coveted show herself. A weeping Ayesha was sent home and Jugno got the show only to be removed after a while when the show lost all lustre.

As a result, what was once one of the most popular shows on Pakistan television bombed and dropped to low levels of popularity. Jugnu then started to blame all production staff and her short temper crossed with many professionals. So much so when her husband left GEO TV she was again reported to have been harsh to some senior management person.

Now we are told that a decision has been made to relieve Jugno Mohsin within a month. So in a span of one month GEO TV will have relieved of both husband and wife from its list of hosts/analysts. This leaves two major slots open at GEO TV and the couple may be negotiating a deal with another channel at present.

Another interesting point to note is that Baaghi TV has also learnt that Jugno is also an aspirant to contest elections on PMLN ticket.