Journey of a Pakistani National from an Intern to General Manager

A success story was shared by the Pakistani national who has arrived in the Capital 39 years ago.

He said that when he was reached here the city was not new for him and he spent a lot of time with his family.

He says the city was very hot but still it remained bearable for him despite of the very high temperature. He went in mid June 1976 and landed on the Abu Dhabi’s old airport which is known as a hub for private jet aviation these days.

He said commercial and social life of UAE centered on the areas of three streets, Khalifa, Electra Street and Hamdan.

He said that when he looks back to his early years of life, it was very simple. He says now the latest communication platforms such as SMS, Face book and Watsapp have taken over. He says these are the reasons why UAE is most advances in the technology.

Shaikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of UAE and Vice President, Shaikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces for their vision, kindness and generosity.

They have provided the pro business environment, tranquility and peace. The leadership’s futuristic approach has made this country a regional economic, cultural hub and political.

Syed Humayun with his friends
Syed Humayun with his friends
A much younger Syed Humayun
A much younger Syed Humayun

He said he went there to spend his holidays and after completing his graduation from Rawalpindi’s Gordon College, a family friend offered him an internship at Al Masaood Automobiles, the dealers for Datsun cars.

He said that he rose from the junior sales man to the general manager in a company which has a payroll of 3,000 people.

Abu Dhabi was very significant for selling their automobiles and the government was there leading buyer of 4×4 wheels. And a good growth means more budgetary allocations for development and to purchase vehicles.

The UAE;s capital at that time was a small town and the Madina ayed was the city centre, where the trading companies as well as low rise two to three story housing quarters were located. Commercial and social life centered on the areas of great concentration.

One of the capitals most attractive places for leisure and fun now, the cornicle was only vast expanse of under developed beach.

The city which is now priding itself for its parks, and green belt alongside roads and highways, had a little greenery back then.

The old airport is the only place where the adequate amount of trees, flowers and grass, feeling like an oasis. That’s why the weather was a little harsher than it now. But later, the father of the nation, the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s efforts turned the city into what it is today, a place where the millions of tress give us shelter in the sizzling afternoons.