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Journalist bodies to throw eggs and tomatoes on 7 News

Lahore: Journalist bodies have to throw eggs and tomatoes on 7 News following unpaid salaries.


According to details, the news channel has not paid dues to its employees and also dismissed some of them, following which media bodies have decided to observe protest in traditional way.

Several media bodies including PFUJ, PUJ, EMPRA, EMRA will take part in this protest. For the last few years, it has been observed that media houses delay salaries of their employees and sometimes they do not even pay. They also dismiss their employees without prior notices and do not pay employees’ dues.

Earlier this month Dunya TV dismissed its team in the same way, later when issue was being raised it restored them on their previous positions.

Geo News workers had also written a letter to the group owner mentioning that from past few times they were not receiving their incomes in time.

The situation is much worsen in small media houses.

Journalists Protest against 7news by baaghitv