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Jordanian journalist meets Mrs Mishal Malick

Mr Mohammad Omer Nazzal a Jordanian historian and writer of 30 books, former Secreatary General of Jordan union of literature, is visiting Pakistan these days and he called on Mishal Malick here in Islamabad at her residence. 

Mr Omer is writing a book on Kashmir issue and the purpose of the book is to project and highlight the plight of the Kashmir freedom struggle in the Arab World.

Mishal Malick highlighted the current atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir to the renowned journalist.

On behalf of the royal family, he assured full support for Kashmiris just cause and right to freedom and invited Mishal to visit Jordan to highlight the Kashmir issue and the problems of Kashmiri women and children.

Mrs Malick thanked the Jordanian journalist and the Royal family especially queen Rania and public for personally visiting and aiding the victims of Kashmir during 2005 earthquake.

Mr Omer presented the Holy Quran wrapped in a box made of pearl marble from Baitl ul Madadass as a symbol of unity between Palestine and Kashmir.