Jeremy McLellan: An American Comedian who has won Pakistanis’ hearts

In a world full of hatred for Muslims and Pakistan, Jeremy McLellan has emerged as a ray of hope for betterment of humanity.

Jeremy is an American comedian from Charleston, South Carolina and has been crowned as the best comedian there in 2015 and 2016. He enjoys talking about religion, culture, politics and doesn’t shy away from expressing his views regarding Islamophobia. His fan following on facebook has reached upto 266,552 people and he is loved by many around the world.

Source: Facebook

Stand-up comedy is an emerging concept in Pakistan but it has been used for big business around the world for quite some time now. Jeremy has dedicated his life to make people happy and carries a happy vibe with him where ever he goes.

Jeremy’s visit to Pakistan is the latest highlight of Pakistanis’ facebook newsfeed these days. Many find his daily accounts heart-warming. Undoubtedly, he has won over the hearts of millions residing here. But, many have questioned about his unconditional love for biryani and Pakistan…

Well, this is the answer to our nation’s curiosity:

“Before I became a standup comedian, I used to work with people with intellectual disabilities, and I worked with an autistic guy named Saeed whose parents were Pakistani Muslims. They invited me over for biryani and showed me a lot of hospitality and it really meant a lot, because I was kind of an angry lonely guy at the time. So that was my first experience”, says Jeremy.

The role of Pakistanis and other Muslims out there in the United States truly deserve a salute for making Jeremy consider us respectable people instead of sick bombers trying to conquer the world. (Special shout out to his friend Sultan for bringing him to Pakistan. The nation owes him.)

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Jeremy has enthusiastically roamed around Lahore and Islamabad. He has shared various pictures of his tours. His words feel like that of a patriotic citizen who has been far from his homeland for a long time. Interestingly, he has easily adopted culture, tradition and norms of our country quite easily. He has highlighted pros and cons of our beloved state in a light way. He seems like a long lost Pakistani, who is not terrified and is up for all sorts of adventures.

Keeping comedy aside, he has gained admiration of many due to his friendly, loving and inspirational nature. He has begun a quest of showing the actual side of Pakistan and has negated the propaganda of western media.

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He has also blessed many with a wild laugh by posting humorous pictures of himself with ‘a spying pigeon’. No doubt, his level of humour is savage.

Wearing a green kurta, he has happily celebrated Independence Day on Canal road Lahore chanting Pakistan Zindabad. The best part is that he knows how to pronounce ‘Pakistan’ and ‘Muslims’.  A thirty three minute long video has also been shared by him on facebook with a clear message stating his love for the country.

Source: Facebook

Successfully, he has conducted his shows in Lahore and Islamabad which have earned him a lot of appreciation.

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He has enjoyed biryani, chai and all other desi food here and his only regret right now is not being casted in a biryani commercial by ‘Shaan’.

Source: Facebook

Now that Jeremy is ready to say good bye, let us all thank him for all the love and memories. He will definitely be missed and kept in books, for now and always. But, we hope he will be back soon as promised in spring next year.