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Jawad Ahmad appeals, at forum, to join hands for an egalitarian social order

The eminent social worker, artist and philanthropist, Jawad Ahmad has appealed to all segments of Pakistan society, particularly the youth, to join hands with him for establishing an egalitarian social set up.

On the auspicious occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day, he has emphasized that the ruling junta does not give the people their rights on its own; rather the people have to struggle for and snatch even their basic rights.

History, too, bears testimony to this.

The 16th American president, Abraham Lincoln, was the first president to abolish slavery from the United States of America.

Today, America is standing on its own feet with the status of world super power, as an outcome of Lincoln’s popular campaign for equality among citizens.

He stood firm on his egalitarian ideals because he knew that injustice could never get United States of America stand on its feet and social inequality was a stumbling block in the way of progress of any country.

The same exercise is needed in Pakistan where exploitative system has usurped the rights of poor people and has made them slaves to the unjust system. Injustice prevails in our society and on the other hand, no one raises voice against it.

Pakistan’s federal government is taking loans from International Monitory Fund and World Bank in order to maintain the value of rupee, but on the other hand the massive loans have practically made the entire Pakistan population, economic slaves of international financial institutions.

Allah has bestowed Pakistan with all the resources, which if utilized at optimum level can transform its fate but there are a number of selfish leaders who are plundering Pakistan’s wealth with both hands.

Furthermore, corruption is another major factor in the chaotic situation of Pakistan as it is widening the gulf between rich and poor.

According to reports, corruption to the tune of 12 billion rupees is being reported on daily basis.

Pakistan, in its 70 years of existence, has given a number of chances to many leaders to eradicate poverty, hunger and illiteracy but no concrete results could be achieved in this regard.

Now, it is high time that we should accept this reality that no one but only we can do something for our country.

Pakistan’s renowned singer Jawad Ahmad, together with Baaghi.TV, has launched a campaign to get the people informed about the cruel system that is weakening our roots since a number of decades.

Our fight is against poverty, hunger, illness, illiteracy and abuse of human rights. Jawad Ahmad and Baaghi.TV will go door to door and on every forum to propagate this campaign.

We the Baaghi.TV, appeal to our viewers to come forward with us in order to make this drive successful. And all of us together can play our role in this committed drive to rebuild the nation according to the ideals of the Quaid-i-Azam.

The subject of this campaign is the equality based social set up according to the true humane teachings of Islam as elaborated by the Quaid and Iqbal.

This ideal can only be achieved if we build society based on justice where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. This would be done if the poor segment of the society including laborers, masons, workers, youngsters and students would participate in this campaign.

Singer Jawad Ahmad and Baaghi.TV are raising their voices for the poor. If you people are with us then say in one voice ‘Mera Haq Mujhay Do’ or ‘Give me My Right’. No one but only we, the ordinary people can, snatch our rights from the cruel clutches of the tyrannical ruling elite and play our part for the progress of our dearly gotten homeland.