Japanese Lifestyle: Healthy & Smart

Magic of simplicity

From eating seaweed to climbing mountains, everything they do is beneficial to health. In Japan, 100,000 tons of seaweed is consumed per year. Their consumption of seafood is exceptional, no country consumes this much seafood. Seafood contains Potassium, vitamin D as well as Iodine. In many countries, their salts are iodized to introduce Iodine in their diet intakes.

According to National Marine Fisheries services, Japan’s seafood consumption is recorded 55.7 kilograms per capita. In the USA, the consumption rate is 24.2 kilograms per capita. Seafood reduces the heart diseases and death rate. It also prolongs the lifespan. An old man who consumes fish can live 2.2 years longer than one who does not. The fatty fish are healthier as they are rich in omegas. Moreover, Iodine is good for skin diseases as well as reduces wrinkles. The importance of fish for them can be recognized by the fact that the authorities introduced a band which promotes the habit of eating fish among youth by their songs.

Japanese climb mountains as they celebrate Mountain Day in Japan. An 80-year-old man climbed the mountain and it is an astonishing fact. They love Nature as the country is home to many rainforests. They don’t cut them or use them but nature is untouched. Japanese are very ritual with their evening tea, as it is set and decorated and they enjoy this time with no connections with the outside world. They mostly consume green tea, and they have green tea ice creams as well.

Japanese favorite pastime hobby is singing and Karaoke is loved by them. Singing helps you maintain a good nervous system as you breathe in small intervals. After singing you get an applause and that’s is a very cheerful moment. In Japan, there is 299 Karaoke chain named as Big Echo. It is considered to be their National Pastime. The Karaoke industry in Japan has grown and in 2010 it ranked at 10 billion dollars.

Japanese shower routines are a serious thing for them. Their public baths are all set and hot tub of water can really release your stress. Most of the Japanese end their days with baths. Meditation during the bath can be stress-releasing as it can drop blood pressure.

Everything of Japan can teach you to be silly and not perfect all the time. Their items are all colorfully packed and everything might have a cartoonish figure. Stores may have a theme going on and everything is pink or in some different colour.